The time of implementation of a project is a major factor for success of it. Numerous projects lose their effectiveness due to delay in the construction phase. However, our strength lies in our speed of implenetation. Very few can match the speed of completion of a given project while maintaining the acceptable standard like we can.


We understand the environmental cost caused by development and infrastructure as a nation forges forward. As a company operating in the construction industry we strive to manage all the costs in all of our projects. Having constructed 4 LEED Certified garments factories we have thorough knowledge and understanding of the whole process.


We always collaborate with the area specialists that are with us for any ongoing or upcomingproject to lend their expert hand. We always maintain more than one specialists for evey aspect to avoid hindrance due to the unavailability of a technical resource. Every activity during the project is shared with the stakeholders for achieving an overall peace of mind.

What We Can Offer

Foundation Engineers Ltd. has been playing its part in developing Bangladesh as a construction company - contributing to infrastructure and industrial construction in both government and private sectors. Since the last 30 years - we have built more than 150 bridges nationwide and numerous roads, factories, hospitals, residential building, etc.

Over the years of experience, we have identified that the industry requires sustainable, environment friendly, and fast delivered projects. With our chiseled out streamlined lean management system - high speed delivery of large volumes of work is our specialty. A strong network base within the industry throughout the country enables us to execute multiple projects nationwide at the same time.