If it is a residential building or a large industrial block; one can never ignore the importance of proper safety measurements. Accidents do happen, so the precaution and preparation should be as flawless as possible. We can provide Fire Detection, Fire Protection, and Fire Fighting equipment. It all starts from the design to delivery along with the certification.

UL Fire Doors, Industrial Rolling Shutter, High Speed Doors

Foundation Engineers Ltd. is the sub-dealer of BGTIC, which is an authorized dealer of Hörmann Gmbh. Install the best to protect yourself from disasters.

Fire Detection

Prompt detection saves time and life. We have a wide array of fire detection devices and an early warning system that will save your property and valuable lives.

Fire Fighting

When the unwanted and unwelcomed occurrence happens; you better be ready to fight it as well as facilitate the Fire Service so that they can bring the situation under control.